Agile Software Development

Everyone knows , In the last decade agile software development has moved from being a cult technique to an increasing part of the mainstream. I was lucky enough to hear at the beginning of this new story, with early experiences of Programming and managing multiple project as IT Manager and as an Architect ,started using agile techniques for Agile Software Development. I started using agile techniques in 2000’s and my team since successfully used them on our projects world-wide. I’ve learned a huge amount about using agile methods in enterprise settings and are committed to sharing this learning to help foster their intelligent adoption.

Why Agile Thinking ?

Agile is adaptive rather than predictive

Agile is People – oriented rather than process oriented.

Simply , Agile is a Mind-Set

Agile Fluency Model

Adopting agile software development is neither a quick nor easy path

The path begins by focusing on value and then progresses to delivering and optimizing that value

* Pic Courtesy : Diana Larsen and James Shore (experienced agile coaches)

Technical Practices

To make agile work, you need solid technical practices. A lot of agile education under-emphasizes these, but if you skimp on this you won’t gain the productivity and responsiveness benefits that agile development can give you (stranding you at level 1 of the agile fluency model.) This is one of the reasons that I still think that Extreme Programming is the most valuable of the named agile methods as a core and starting point – * Thanks to Martin

Agile and Architecture

From the very earliest days of agile methods, people have asked what role there is for architectural or design thinking. A common misconception is that since agile methods drop the notion of a detailed up-front design artifact, that there is no room for architecture in an agile project.

I personally feels that design was every bit as important for agile projects, but it manifests itself differently, becoming an evolutionary approach.

I m planning to give more about agile + architecture in upcoming articles : what architecture is, and how you ensure it’s happening on an agile project.