About Me

I am an software architect,presenter, speaker… essentially a loud-mouthed pundit on the topic of software development. I work for a software delivery company.

My main interest is to understand how to design software systems. so as to maximize the productivity of development teams. In doing this I’ve looked to understand the patterns of good software design, and also the processes that support software design. I’ve become a big fan of  agile approaches and the resulting focus on evolutionary software design. I don’t come up with original ideas, but do a pretty good job of recognizing and packaging the ideas of others 🙂 .

I started working with software in the late 90’s and in the mid 2k , I started getting interested in the then new world of object-oriented development. I started to specialize in bringing objects to business information systems, first with a couple of companies as a developer and then as an architect . In the early days this was using C++, now C# .

Every year I learn something new, but I also find that many of the lessons from the past still apply. This work has led me into taking a leading role in OO analysis and design, the UML, patterns, and agile development methodologies.

I live with my wife Vidhya and 2 daughters in Chennai , the gateway of South India, a busy yet conservative city that’s retained its culture . We enjoy travelling . I indulge in filming , photography, which I like to inflict on my readers, We often head into agricultural forms to explore the small but vibrant natural scene. I enjoy living in the Tamil Nadu ,India even though I miss the particular beauties of the English countryside.

I grew up in Thammampatii , a small town in Salem District ,Tamilnadu ,India . I went to Government College Technology ,Coimbatore from 1991-5 where I got a BE in Mechanical Engineering . After graduating I stayed in Salem for my startup business and moved to Chennai in late 90s for finding best opportunities for me and still finding the best ! …:)